Experience. Integrity. IMPACT.
Experience. Integrity. IMPACT.

What We Do

Making an IMPACT

makingAt IMPACT, our employees are hard-working, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work, both on the job and in the community.  Our employees volunteer their time and talents, both individually and with their families, to support a variety of causes that are important to them.  IMPACT supports and promotes these efforts to positively IMPACT their community by giving each employee 4 hours of paid time off per month to pursue volunteer work.

IMPACT also believes that the purpose-driven teamwork fostered within the company should extend outside the workplace and benefit the community.  As part of the Making an IMPACT initiative, IMPACT staff members come together as part of a larger community project several times a year.

Together, IMPACT employees and their families are doing amazing things for the Triangle community, in turn promoting positive relationships among one another and building a confident, productive work place.

Below are some of the organizations that IMPACT proudly supports.

For more information on our past events, please see our press releases.