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From Benchtop to Desktop: 8 Transferable Skills Learned in the Lab that Apply to Medical Writing

October 30, 2019 | Brandi Schuster, PhD, Clinical Research Scientist | Medical Writing Services

So you’ve decided to begin a career in medical writing – congratulations! Now what?

It may be scary leaving the comfort of your lab and pipettes, and medical writing may seem very different from academia, but you are more equipped for this transition than you may realize! (No, I’m not referring to your pipettes…)

Today, graduate students have access to several resources to help them break into the field of medical writing. While I encourage you to check these out, I also want to point out that you’re already learning valuable lessons at the bench that are applicable to any new job or work environment, including medical writing.

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Class of 2019: Inaugural Year of IMPACT’s Medical Writing Fellowship Program

January 28, 2019 | Laurel Kartchner, PhD, Amritha Kidiyoor, PhD, and Brandi Schuster, PhD, Medical Writing Fellows │ Medical Writing Services

More and more recent graduates want to break away from bench science but don’t know how or lack the industry experience that many pharmaceutical companies are now looking for. To facilitate this transition, some CROs like IMPACT have begun to provide fellowship and internship programs that offer hands-on experience for those moving from academia into a career in regulatory medical writing.

As of Spring 2018, IMPACT offers a unique full-time Medical Writing Fellowship with a goal of enabling aspiring scientists to become regulatory medical writers. The program is designed to focus on 3 main areas: 1) training and professional development, 2) quality control (QC), and 3) regulatory medical writing. This post summarizes our experience as the first group of fellows at IMPACT.

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