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IMPACT Expands Management Team in Medical Writing Services

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 09 November 2020 – At IMPACT our core purpose is to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.  We understand the importance of what we do.  By providing high quality medical writing and regulatory services to our pharma and biotech clients, we have the potential to accelerate the development of promising new therapies – new therapies that will have a positive impact on the quality of the lives of countless patients.  And we believe that we can only do what we do well when we attract, nurture, and retain the best and the brightest drug development professionals.  In other words, inspiring and developing pharmaceutical professionals is the focus that propels us to serve our clients, and therefore the patients that our clients serve, with unwavering excellence.

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IMPACT Announces Formation of Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 02 November 2020 – In the first half of 2020, IMPACT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Cierpial, PhD, led the company in a comprehensive review of the organization’s health.  The goal of this review was to gain insight and information to set the foundation for strategic planning and operational decision making in the coming years.  The review started with a company-wide Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, which led to deeper discussions about IMPACT’s core purpose and values.  As discussions unfolded, a clearer, more specific answer to the question, “Why does IMPACT exist?” emerged, and a reconceived core purpose was articulated.

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Holly Buchanan, M.S., RAC, Promoted to Principal Consultant

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 23 September 2020 – In March 2020, Holly Buchanan, M.S., RAC, was promoted to the position of Principal Consultant at Impact Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (IMPACT).

Holly joined IMPACT in 2017 with over 15 years of medical writing, regulatory, and program management experience within CRO and pharmaceutical environments. Holly’s experience ranges from early to late phase drug development, with her most recent experiences being on original marketing applications, as well as line extensions and responses to regulatory agency questions. Holly is an excellent reviewer who embraces our commitment to a culture of learning, serving as a mentor to many of our more junior medical writers and fostering their career development.

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Rebecca Pogue, PhD, Promoted to Consultant

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 23 September 2020 – In February 2020, Rebecca Pogue, PhD, was promoted to the position of Consultant at Impact Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (IMPACT).

Rebecca joined IMPACT in October 2017 with over 10 years of medical writing experience within CRO and pharmaceutical environments, having worked on numerous types of early and late phase regulatory documents. Since joining IMPACT, Rebecca has continued working on an increasing breadth and complexity of documents, including pivotal CSRs (many with complex statistical plans), briefing documents, marketing application submission components, and responses to regulatory agency questions. In addition, as one of our senior reviewers, Rebecca has been praised for her willingness to take the time to teach and mentor her colleagues, ensuring they understand both the scientific and regulatory aspects of their projects.

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Cheryl Ainslie, PhD, RAC, Promoted to Principal Clinical Research Scientist

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 23 September 2020 – In March 2020, Cheryl Ainslie, PhD, RAC, was promoted to the position of Principal Clinical Research Scientist at Impact Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (IMPACT).

Cheryl joined IMPACT in March 2018 and has been a positive and impactful member of our medical writing team since her first day. She has established herself as a strong and independent writer on various projects for small and large clients, and she continuously shows the highest level of professionalism. In addition to writing increasingly complex documents, Cheryl effectively managed an unpredictable safety reporting project, showing great flexibility, and effectively training and mentoring another writer on the project. As a senior reviewer, Cheryl has provided sound scientific feedback and guidance on a variety of projects, and she regularly receives praise on her ability to mentor and guide newer writers through project hurdles.

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