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Project and Program Management

Management of overall pharmaceutical drug development programs, or specific aspects of drug development programs (e.g., an NDA), requires skilled professionals who have prior experience with these activities.

Cross-functional product development teams (see figure below) need to be managed in a way that fosters strategic planning, keeps information flowing, and ensures that timelines and deliverables stay on track.  The same applies for functional area subteams, or other teams created to achieve a particular goal or complete a particular task.

chartIMPACT provides experienced professionals to oversee and execute your drug development activities at a project or program level.  IMPACT’s highly experienced staff can manage your cross-functional project team to optimize your drug development program, ensuring quality, on-time, and on-budget deliverables.

IMPACT’s professionals partner with your team to:

  • Determine the desired scope of the project/program
  • Create budgets, timelines, and staffing/resource plans
  • Manage collaborations with external service providers
  • Revise project timelines and budgets as priorities shift over the course of the program
  • Coordinate resolution of project-related issues as they arise
  • Manage study milestones to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of study metrics

In addition to providing overall project/program management services, IMPACT professionals can fill one or more of the technical roles on a product development team.  For example, we often serve as a virtual regulatory department for small companies, allowing our clients to avoid the expense of full-time staff.  In addition, IMPACT can provide technical leads for nonclinical (pharmacology/toxicology), clinical, and scientific affairs sub-teams.

Does your team need help with project or program management? If so, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss your product and determine how we can help you with your project and/or program.

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