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Cheryl Ainslie, PhD, RAC, Promoted to Principal Clinical Research Scientist

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 23 September 2020 – In March 2020, Cheryl Ainslie, PhD, RAC, was promoted to the position of Principal Clinical Research Scientist at Impact Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (IMPACT).

Cheryl joined IMPACT in March 2018 and has been a positive and impactful member of our medical writing team since her first day. She has established herself as a strong and independent writer on various projects for small and large clients, and she continuously shows the highest level of professionalism. In addition to writing increasingly complex documents, Cheryl effectively managed an unpredictable safety reporting project, showing great flexibility, and effectively training and mentoring another writer on the project. As a senior reviewer, Cheryl has provided sound scientific feedback and guidance on a variety of projects, and she regularly receives praise on her ability to mentor and guide newer writers through project hurdles.

In late 2019, Cheryl began a new role, working as a dedicated medical writer for one of IMPACT’s larger clients. This dedicated role was new to IMPACT; knowing very little about what this position would look like, Cheryl jumped in with both feet and hasn’t looked back! In the role, Cheryl has gained tremendous experience on complex submission documents and established herself as an integral part of the client’s submission team. Cheryl is carving her own path and doing an amazing job for both IMPACT and the client.

Additionally, Cheryl is a leader of IMPACT on Literacy, IMPACT’s initiative to increase literacy in the community. Through IMPACT on Literacy, Cheryl has helped create an outlet to share her passion for reading with both her colleagues and the community. Through Cheryl’s and her co-leader’s efforts, this initiative has grown and become part of the culture at IMPACT.

“Cheryl has an admirable drive to learn and develop her skill set. Her willingness to take on the role of the dedicated medical writer for our client, where there was an abundance of unknowns and a steep learning curve, is a perfect example. She handled the transition perfectly and is now a fully embedded, valuable member of their team,” said Chrissy Williams, IMPACT Associate Director of Medical Writing and Submission Management. “Cheryl continues to amaze her colleagues with her professionalism and development – we look forward to seeing how she contributes to IMPACT in her future!”

Tim Garver, Executive Vice President and COO at IMPACT, comments, “I’ve been extremely impressed with Cheryl’s willingness to take on this new position with one of our larger clients.  Through this new role, she’s built strong client relationships and laid a solid foundation for future IMPACT medical writers who may take on similar roles. Cheryl’s flexibility, adaptability, and professionalism exemplify our core values and are part of what make her such a valuable contributor to the IMPACT team.”

IMPACT is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Research Triangle Park, NC. Our team consists of drug development professionals who specialize in medical writing and quality control, drug development consulting, regulatory affairs, regulatory operations, and program management.

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