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IMPACT Announces Formation of Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: 02 November 2020 – In the first half of 2020, IMPACT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Cierpial, PhD, led the company in a comprehensive review of the organization’s health.  The goal of this review was to gain insight and information to set the foundation for strategic planning and operational decision making in the coming years.  The review started with a company-wide Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, which led to deeper discussions about IMPACT’s core purpose and values.  As discussions unfolded, a clearer, more specific answer to the question, “Why does IMPACT exist?” emerged, and a reconceived core purpose was articulated.

As a professional services organization, we understand that the value we provide to IMPACT’s clients comes from the knowledge and expertise of the members of our team.  As such, our focus on attracting, retaining, encouraging, developing, and inspiring the people who are IMPACT is critical to our ability to deliver on our promises to our clients.  Based on this recognition, our core purpose crystallized: to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.

Dr. Tim Garver, IMPACT’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) & Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), comments, “Clearly articulating our core purpose is essential to IMPACT’s continued evolution.  We want our core purpose to remind us and inspire us to keep growing as an organization and as individuals.”  And we hope that we can develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals outside of IMPACT too – our clients, industry partners, and collaborators in academia and beyond. If we fully realize our core purpose, we will enhance the excellence, growth, and development of our profession.

With a focus on achieving IMPACT’s core purpose and as part of IMPACT’s evolution, Dr. Cierpial commissioned two new leadership teams.  The first, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), is responsible for setting strategies that support IMPACT’s mission to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.  The positions that serve on IMPACT’s ELT are:

  • CEO – Mark Cierpial, PhD, RAC
  • CSO & CCO – Tim Garver, PhD
  • Senior Vice President, Business Operations & Chief Financial Officer – Amanda Derr, CPA, CGMA
  • Vice President, Medical Writing Services – Nancy Gasper-Smith, PhD, RAC
  • Vice President, Regulatory Services – Mark Cierpial, PhD, RAC (acting)

The second team, IMPACT’s Leadership Team, is charged with the cross-functional implementation of IMPACT’s corporate goals and strategies.  Joining the members of the ELT on the Leadership Team are:

  • Senior Director, Medical Writing Services – Christina Williams, PhD, RAC
  • Director, Medical Writing Services – Jennifer Garver, RAC
  • Principal Consultant, Medical Writing Services – Kim Nice, PhD
  • Director, Regulatory Services – Jeff Golden
  • Director, Human Resources – Leigh Grieco
  • Director, Information Technology – Jac Camp

Dr. Cierpial, IMPACT’s CEO, reflects, “In 2019 we celebrated IMPACT’s 10th anniversary, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished in that first decade.  With our previous successes as a foundation and with the leaders we have in place to lead us through the next decade, I am confident that we will further distinguish ourselves as a trusted partner to our pharma and biotech clients.  I’m equally confident that our growth and success as an organization will be fueled by our ability to develop and inspire pharmaceutical professionals.”

Media Contact:

Mark A. Cierpial, PhD, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (919) 899-9248
Fax: (919) 354-6090


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